nontraditional wedding

Welcome to Rock n' Willow Events!


Photos by Rachel Madrigal Photography


Hello and welcome to our brand spankin new website! It has definetly been a labor of love trying to to put together a complete new rebrand this past year but we did it!  Notice the name change? That's right, we were formally known as Different Events for the past four years but as a way to highlight our true essence we are now Rock n' Willow Events - complete with a new logo, web design, and color concept.



Angela is the "Rock" since it shows her love for Rock n' Roll and all things dark and wicked! 

A huge shout out to Nicole Orona from Nicole Danielle Design who underwent the challenge of trying to understand our vision and constant revisions but we are so pleased with the outcome!



Silvia is the "Willow" because it represents her love of nature and whimsical elements

This is also our first ever blog post, say whaaatttt!!! I know, I know, how could we not have come around to blogging sooner?! Any recommendations for us? (be kind puhleease!)


We hope you enjoy our new look and stay tuned for what we have up our sleeves!